AHNE 2011

Every year, synth nerds gather up their precious gear and head to a meeting where they can showcase their prized possessions. For the last two years, Analogue Heaven Northeast has been hosting their annual gathering in Lowell, MA at the 119 Gallery. It's really a sight to see, and there were some great synthesizers this year. We decided this year to bring a rack of Moog MoogerFoogers, our Synthwood.com Sequential Circuits Pro-One and some Black Cat Pedals. This combination created a huge array of effects, and was definitely one of the highlights of the day (not to take credit). It was 6 hours of pure noise and confusion, though that's what we're there for, right?

We're finally getting email!

I should probably clarify that what I really mean is we just figured out we were getting email :-/ We set up the email account when we launched the blog and pretty much forgot about it, until today when we noticed a load of emails just hanging out in there, some of which were real valid ones from followers that I regret not answering sooner. Just so you know, we're paying attention now! Drop us a line!


Almost a Yamaha CS-80...

Yesterday we found something very cool; a Yamaha Electone E-70 organ. This is not your typical side-of-the-road find either. Any Yamaha synth enthusiast could tell you that the E-70 was basically a stripped-down version of the Yamaha GX-1, which was the precursor to the famous CS-80. What is special about this type of organ is that it uses PASS technology (Pulse Analog Synthesis System) and has the same basic sound engine and presets that are found on the Yamaha CS-80. So basically, you get an "almost CS-80" in a huge, heavy console organ.

I apologize for the extremely crappy iPhone pic, but that's Analog Tom playing some speedy licks on the E-70 about 5 minutes after we got it in the door.


1980 Rhodes Mark II Stage Piano

We've recently acquired a 1980 Rhodes Mark II Stage Piano in excellent condition; probably one of the better ones we've played. The only "flaw" so far that we ran into was that there were seven dead pickups which we replaced, and the tonebars/harp frame are a bit oxidized, probably from sitting in a basement for years. Overall though, this is likely a keeper. The harp has been completely disassembled and the frame is waiting to be powder coated. Pictures will follow. Stay tuned!


Stay Tuned...

We are in the process of developing this site, so keep checking back often!