Moog Taurus 1

Often imitated, never duplicated.  The Moog Taurus 1 pedals have something special that no emulation or recreation can seem to nail down perfectly.  This is a one trick pony, but it's one excellent trick. 
This was another "road trip" acquisition.  When I picked it up, it was in pretty skeevy condition and needed some minor work to get it working.  I got it back to the shop and it pretty much looked like this:

I know it's a bit difficult to tell by the pictures, but it was all grungy around the buttons and the underside looked like it had been sitting in a pile of cobwebs.  One of the pedals wasn't making sound, and all but one of the LEDs were out.  I didn't waste any time busting out the Simple Green and Goo Gone and going to town on this bad boy.  After general cleanup and a trip to the kitchen sink with the pedals, we were able to trace the bad note to a cold solder joint on the motherboard and I replaced all the LEDs.  I disassembled the entire unit and cleaned all the pedal contacts, as well as the entire chassis interior and exterior.  

The Moog Taurus 1 now sounds mint, looks great, and made a sweet addition to an already kick-ass studio.