Multivox MX-440

Unfortunately there isn't that much information out there about the Multivox MX-440.  What I can tell you is that it's actually a re-badged MX-202, which is pretty much an identical clone to the Roland RS-202 String Machine.  It sounds really good though, and is a bit more realistic than the ARP Solina String Ensemble, in my opinion.

Here is some info to back up my findings from this site

  • MX-202 - String & Bass ensemble. Very similar to the Roland RS-202 synthesizer.Multivox MX-202, Hollowsun
  • MX-440 - Same as above. Some MX-440 might be re-badged MX-202.Multivox MX-440 #1-4, Transanalog - Front panel of  re-badged MX-440 said "MX-440".Multivox MX-440 #1-11, Transanalog - Manufacture's plate of  re-badged MX-440 said "Model MX-202".